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Residential Services

Residential Service

  • Experienced mechanics to give you a good and warranted service to your Air Conditioner.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems for prestigious residential homes.
  • Ninety (90) days ptac unit, water source heat pumps and thirty (30) days window unit warranty on work performed on our premises, except compressors. Electronic Parts under warranty.
  • All installed compressors are covered by the company’s one (1) year warranty and ninety (90) day warranty on labor.
We recommend changing your basic protection filter every year.However,unusually dirty air ducts,the presence of pets,smoke, or construction in your home can affect the efficiency and life of your filter.Under these conditions, you should change filters more frequently.

Information about ptac cleaning

  • Remove the Front Cover
  • Lubricate Fan Motor
  • Motor Bearing Checked
  • Unit Operation Checked
  • Clean the Front Condenser Coil, Drain Pant and Panel-top, Control
  • Installation of the New Filter

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Compressor Replacement

For more information about the compressor replacement cost, type the code on the Search Box

Electronic parts under warranty

Electronic Parts under warranty

Electronic parts under warranty are as follows; Evaporator Motor, Control Board and Condenser Fan Motor. These parts have a 90 (ninety) day warranty, this excludes labor.